Mission / Vision

Fanfare for Orchestra
composed and conducted by
Dwight Stone


It is my pleasure to share the gift of music with you!


I AM an agent for Divine awareness, creativity, fulfillment, and love for all and everything in my presence.


I see a world, a green earth garden, bathed in fountains of Divine music and art: listening, viewing, absorbing, creating, composing, singing, dancing, and inspired to love and create still more as the Divine essence of all evolves and unfolds to know and manifest itself even more fully.

Core Values


We Are All One (song, commissioned and composed 1999-2000)

Children: We were born into this world free from harm,
Wrapped within our Mothers’ arms.
Growing and yearning, feeling love and feeling pain,
Trying to find out why we're here.

Tell me how big is this place we call a planet?
And why is sky blue instead of green?
Tell me how many kinds of creatures are there?
And life — just what does it mean?

Bass solo: The cold, dark ages of the past,
Warfare and strife — it could not last.
In the new millennium, fear will be overcome
As darkness dissolves into light!
Chorus: We are all one: all People and all nations.
All races, ages, all religions, too.
Men: The Moslem and Jew carefree walking side by side.
Women: The Baha'i and the non-believer dancing in the rain!
Children: The Christian and Hindu both singing the same song,
Tutti: And all our voices joined as one!

Baritone solo: Could it be a spiritual revolution?
Women: A solution?
Soprano solo: The dawn of a new millennium?
Bass solo: Knowledge is ours to do all within our power,
To turn the old paradigm upside down!

Children: A world without borders; a world without fear.
A world where all your neighbors are your friends.
A world that is safe, a world that is fun.
Where people play with everyone.
Little girl: The whole world's a playground??
Tutti: Where we all have our place in the sun!

Children: Presidents and popes, of tomorrow,
Making a fresh start from today.
to live in a world where love not money rules.
Stop fighting, start loving, and everything follows!

Tutti: We can change the world!
And build a new tomorrow.
Children: Rearrange the world!
Tutti: And make a much more loving place!
And we will change the world!
Into a heavenly garden.
Won't you come along and share this dream with me?
And spread Love!

We are all one people on this planet;
We are all one spirit in the air.
We are all one, yes, joining one another,
In harmony beyond here and above,
One in Peace and Joy and Love.
Magic Stone