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Harmonica and Piano!

Book of 8 pieces; CD Reveries for Day and Night by the STONE HARMONY DUO Tim Welvaars, chromatic harmonica; Dwight Stone, pianoforte
  1. Afternoon Reverie, which I composed for Tim Welvaars in 2002 is a sublime, sonorous, relaxing piece. Listen to this sensitive excerpt of this piece with Tim Welvaars on chromatic harmonica!
  2. Deep White Peace
  3. End-Zone Strut
  4. Hip-Hoppin'
  5. If Ever You Should Leave Play Arrow body of the song; Play Arrow  awesome harmonica improv over the minor section! Way to go, Tim!
  6. A Romp in the Park
  7. The Skids
  8. Chopin's Prélude in C -- descant
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