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Dwight Stone

Composer and Pianist

I was just awarded "Best Sheet Music Store" in Walnut Creek this year. I guess that's almost like being "Best Composer". Anyway, here's the award: The Holiday Season was a flurry! I hope it was good for you all, too. Briefly, I played the Composers' Holiday Concert at St. Paul's Concert Series (WC) on Dec. 6th; Hillman House Holiday Concert Dec. 8th—always a lovely gathering, and this year featuring our Three Tenors: Yo Oh, Rob David, and Dave Schultenover. Dec. 13th the Trinity Lutheran Annual Christmas Concert (Pleasanton), superb as an end-of-year concert. Dec. 19th I hosted the neighbors and friends caroling at my home in Walnut Creek; first time for them caroling, and our last gathering had been about a year ago! Dec.22nd singing the Messiah with the San Ramon Valley Annual Messiah (Bass section leader) at Peace Lutheran in Danville. And of course, Christmas Eve services at Trinity Lutheran, 5 pm & 11 pm. The stars were again our Tenors: Yo Oh, with exquisite tone and matching musicianship singing "Comfort Ye" and "Ev'ry valley shall be exalted" from the Messiah, and Rob David singing his own composition "Far in the East", with Choir backing him up, and Y.T. on piano. The finale was "O Holy NIght" arranged for Three Tenors! :-)

I just wish I had time to keep up with everything!

I'm performing April 29 at Davies with the National Geographic Special "Symphony for Our World". Then again in San Jose on May 6th, same program.
I'll be at John Muir Hospital playing the Bösendorfer grand in the lobby on Thursday, May 2nd at 1 pm. I'll be playing in the downstairs coffee shop at the Lafayette Town Hall Theatre on Friday evening, May 30th at 7 pm.
I have two solo piano concerts coming up, at St. Paul's Concert Series on Sat., June 22nd at 7 pm, and at the TLC Concert Series on Friday, June 28th at 7pm. Both concerts will feature original works for piano, and in the second half, original works for duet, piano with euphonium, French horn, electric guitar (Tony ), flute (Nika Rejto), and possibly even trumpet (TBA). These are my favorite pieces, and I'd encourage you to come take it all in!
In between, on June 26th I'll be playing as a guest of the CCPAS Jazz Group at the Rossmoor Spotlight, at noon that day in the Fireside Room. Should be a fine program.
More news can be found at Dwight Stone Concerts or at Dwight Stone on Facebook. Thank you for your interest.

Going Home garnered 2nd Place in the MTAC (Music Teachers Association of California), and Whither Thou Goest placed third in the performance category. I'll be performing these pieces and more in Los Angeles at the end of June. Stay tuned!
May 30, 7:30 - House Concert in Lafayette, with Nika Rejto, flute. RSVP & let me know you'd like to attend. (free/donation)
May 24, 7:30 - performance with Contemporary Composers at Grace Presbyterian Church, Walnut Creek. (free/donation)
I skipped a couple concerts here: March 16 with Pawel in the Fireside Room, May 2 "Sound and Light" (Rossmoor); May 3 "Musical Storytelling" benefit concert for the Interfaith Winter Nights program. And there were a couple of Jazz and Composer/Pianist concerts, too, also in Lafayette.
April 26, 2014, was the "Home" Flash Mob on Broadway Plaza, downtown Walnut Creek - video to be posted soon.
This Wed. afternoon (Dec. 11, 2013) Pawel and I play for the Diablo Symphony Fundraiser at the Stanley Dollar Clubhouse.
A whirlwind: Saturday night (12-7) was the Rossmoor Table Tennis Club Christmas banquet for which I played several of my compositions, and several carols. Good fun; nice event. Happy to see friends.
Friday night (12-6) was the Hillman House concert, again fine music and an appreciative, and singing! audience.
Monday evening (12-2) Pawel (cellist) and I played for the Rossmoor Tree Lighting Gala. Good music; good singing. Nice reception.
I gave a concert (Nov. 17, 2013) for St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Blenheim, New Zealand, on their gorgeous 9' Steinway grand. Well-received, and a worthy cause. Concert announcement. Marlborough Times review..
This last week was the "Winter Nights" Concert fundraiser for the homeless shelter program, hosted at Lafayette United Methodist Church. That concert was a great success. (Homeless also in attendance)
The following day I played the Zimmerman House Concert, also with cellist Pawel Walerowksi. Again, fine piano and acoustics (very live - no carpet or soft material in that room!). Superb venue for performing.
Dec. 2nd in the Fireside Room for the Rossmoor Treelighting - come at 5:30 pm if you can. On Dec. 6th, Hillman House Concert in Lafayette. Also with cellist Pawel Walerowski. Call for reservations: 510-512-2623

I played for the Contra-Costa Performing Arts Society "Composer/Pianists' Concert" at Sherman Clay Pianos in Walnut Creek on Nov. 30th, again to great acclaim. Featuring Recurring Theme and Approaching Avalon, both from Pianoforte Book IV. It's fun to have these pieces to play, and I hope you'll listen and/or try them out!

For the funeral service of Janet Russell on Friday, Nov. 9, Dwight Stone composed a setting of I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes (Psalm 121) for soprano and piano, a gorgeous setting, which I would encourage you to check out here: I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes.

Accompanying vocalist Carol Kessler, a fine local soprano, at the piano, the family and those attending were obviously moved by the performance. Composed on short notice (2 1/2 days) the piece is appropriate and impressive.

Dwight Stone's recent concert and lecture demonstration at St. Mary's College was a whole-hearted success. As it was video-taped, clips will be available for viewing here soon.

The Chapel at St. Mary's College proved an impressive venue for the concert. Cathedral-like in its grandeur, the The lofty vaults of the Chapel ceiling provide a rich acoustic. The Yamaha concert grand was voluminous, and easily filled the space, allowing for full-bodied louds, and gorgeous soft passages. After the concert students asked many pertinent and thoughtful questions. They were especially interested in the art and practice of composition, Stone gladly sharing his experience with them.

Brother Martin Yribarren of St. Mary's College commented:
"It was a big success for the students and just the kind of musical performance they needed."

The Contra Costa Performing Arts Society (CC-PAS) Composer/Pianists Concert: Friday, Nov. 30, 2012, 7:30 pm at Sherman Clay Pianos, 1605 Bonanza Street, Walnut Creek, CA 94596.
He will be playing his compositions in the company of other renowned local composer/pianists slated for the evening. Audiences enjoy the venue at Sherman Clay Pianos with its intimate stage, fine pianos, and a bonus: the opportunity to mingle with the performers during the reception.

For more info about this performance and other news, email: stonemusique@gmail.com

Dwight Stone won new fans at performances last month, bringing his innovative counterpoint of classic, impressionist interpretations and original piano works to new audiences, at new venues.

Recent News
A highlight of October performances was the launch of the Bring Back the Arts Night series in San Francisco, on October 27. Stone mixed with performance artists, concert strings, and folk bands, where his title track from the CD The Light was featured among other compositions. "I found new inspiration in both the artistry and the people involved in creating this special night. It was a pleasure to collaborate and take risks with new works," said Stone.
"An amazing start to this ongoing series." TK

Coming In November:
Concert and Lecture, Piano Solo: Works by Chopin and Dwight Stone
Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 7 pm
St. Mary's Chapel, St. Mary's College
1928 St. Mary's Road
Moraga, CA 94595

The first half of the program will be dedicated to Chopin, including selected pieces of his genres prelude, waltz, mazurka, �tude and nocturne. The pieces' background will be shared, giving insight into Chopin's life and biography, telling about Chopin's life in Poland, Vienna and Paris, his encounters with Liszt and Georges Sand, and Chopin's expansion of pianistic technique.

The second half of the program will feature original compositions by Dwight Stone, combining pianistic finesse with an engaging and uplifting aesthetic, and inspired by his years studying and teaching Chopin's contributions to piano music.

These new pieces, including the favorite, Cloudscape, are featured on Stone's upcoming CD release, Aspen in Autumn. Stone will close the program with original compositions in a new, jazz-related idiom.

This is a free concert, sponsored by St. Mary's Integral Sophomore Music Tutorial.

Composer/Pianists' Concert
Friday, November 30, 2012
Contra Costa Performing Arts Society
Sherman-Clay Pianos, Walnut Creek Visit the CCPAS web site for program.

Thanksgiving Solo Concert
Thanksgiving weekend
Carmel, CA
(time and location TBA)

On October 21st, Sunday, Dwight Stone gave a concert at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Walnut Creek. Chopin in the first half, then 5 original compositions for Flute and Piano, and closing with 5 original pieces for piano, including Aspen in Autumn, the title song of my new CD.

Prior to that I gave a concert on Sept. 21, 2012 in Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, with a similar format, but featuring my Blake Songs, a set of original compositions on Blake's poetry from the Songs of Innocence, arranged for Soprano, Flute and Piano, featuring Christa Pfeiffer, Soprano, Diane Barton-Brown on Flute, and myself on piano. The concert was attended by over 100 people. Chopin, as always, and the Blake Songs, of course, were a hit.

The Composer/Pianists of CC-PAS gave a stellar Concert in June, 2012, the last Composer/Pianists' Concert of the season, with fine performances and a connection with the audience, people lingering for hours afterward to talk with the performers.

Dwight Stone played a concert Sunday, June 24th, on the Steinway grand at Grace Presbyterian Church in Walnut Creek: Chopin & Dwight Stone, capped by the fine Soprano Christa Pfeiffer singing the Blake Songs, settings of Blake's Songs of Innocence. A grand day, well attended....

An intimate evening of original music was presented on the occasion of Dwight Stone's birthday in October, 2011. Lovely, stirring music followed by hearty celebration amidst friends and family.

The concert Sept. 9th in the Fireside Room, Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, was a grand success. Great compliments and feedback, and very well-attended.

Harmony (Rossmoor women's ensemble under the direction of Meriel Ennik) premiered Dwight Stone's Irish Blessing, commissioned 2011.

Dwight Stone appeared twice with the Contra Costa Performing Arts Society in performances in October, and will be featured again in a concert in January, 2012, at Grace Presbyterian Church, Walnut Creek, CA.