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Composer, Conductor and Pianis

Dwight Stone

Composer, Conductor and Pianist

Born in California, Dwight Stone grew up in Missoula Montana in the '60s. The spirit of the time and the wide open spaces are present in his music. His musical language shows the feel of optimism, and his compositions pay homage to the freedom of human spirit, exhibiting influences of such artists as Aaron Copland, Walt Whitman, Paul Hindemith, William Schuman, Charles Ives, Edwin Fissinger, and Pat Metheny.

Whither Thou Goest, commissioned for a wedding in Austria, has become an audience favorite, and appears in the collection: The Light: Twelve Compositions for Piano and on the accompanying CD.

Also a prolific composer of choral works, his Irish Blessing was recently commissioned by Harmony Women's Ensemble, Walnut Creek.

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Composer, Conductor and Pianis