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Dambidú from 5 cantos sureños
¡llueve, llueve, mojame! from 5 cantos sureños
Va'anachnu "We bow." (SATB, pfte)
I Hear America Singing (SATB a cappella)
I Dream'd in a Dream from Walt Whitman Settings I
Awake! Awake! from Isaiah 52 (TTBB, 2 French horns, pfte)
Deep Sweet Peace a benediction; excerpt from Recapitulation (SATB a cappella; piano demo)
Kyrie liturgical (SSA a cappella; piano demo)
Christe liturgical (SSA a cappella; piano demo)
Psalm 99 - "The Lord Is King!" (SATB, organ)

Soprano and Piano

Psalm 121 "I Will LIft Up Mine Eyes unto the Hills"

Blake Songs Three from Songs of Innocence by William Blake; settings for soprano, flute, and piano
  1. The Blossom
  2. The Shepherd
  3. Spring


Fanfare for Orchestra: Intro | String section | complete |
The Light orchestrated
T'kiah Fanfare


The art of movement and dance with the horse performed to music. As opposed to the rigorous compulsory exercises, the kür is a "musical freestyle", a complete 5 minute choreographed exhibition demonstrating the ability of the horse, the ease and control of the rider, and the creativity of the ensemble.
  • Walk / Canter
  • Canter / Trot
  • Walk to Canter (exciting!)
  • "Intermediaire": Trot / Walk / Canter
  • Pegasus Digital Music & FX

    Apparition (film cue)
    Fanfare for Orchestra
    The Light— Romantic (strings & piano)
    T'kiah Fanfare
    Also sprach Zarathustra — synthesized orchestra I Hear America Singing (Whitman, choral)
    Bestween the Lines — jazz/pop
    Dambidu, from 5 cantos sureños (choral & piano)
    Dawn of Romance (film cue)
    DragonBreath! (commercial music)
    Free Fall (jazz/pop/easy listening)
    Gifu Digital logo for Gifu prefecture Expo
    The Hammer (film cue: chase)
    HAWAII — Main Title, SIGGraph IMAX competition
    If You REally Love Me (pop song, '90s)
    Joie de vivre (New Age, pop song, piano / synth)
    Gates of Kroy (NFL screensaver)
    !Libertad! (film cue: suspense)
    NFL Fanfare 2M (NFL screensaver)
    NFL Fanfare 2S (NFL screensaver)
    The Ol' Dixie Stomp — a feel-good tune for Dixieland jazz instruments
    We Got the Power! (Rap leader and antiphonal chorus)
    To the Top — pop, energetic, uplifting
    Toyota commercial demo
    Twisted Glass — pop, energetic
    UpBeat! — Main Title for energetic, upbeat cable news program
    Valse de la dernière heure (film cue — romantic
    Vicious Tease — guitar break


    (under construction)
    Please see Reveries for Day and Night and Export/Import below.)


    "We Got The Power!, excerpt from "Radical Rap" (1992)

    Dixieland Band

    The Ol' Dixie Stomp.
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    The Light
    Piano Compositions
    by Dwight Stone
    The Light CD
    The Light (piano solo) video montage
    1. Approaching Avalon (Book IV) — mythical, magical city (3:35)
    2. In the Garden (Book I) — amid flowers and birds (1:46)
    3. All Green (Book I) — the soothing quality of color (1:40)
    4. April on Chilko Lake (Book IV) — ice crystals and snowflakes afloat in the air... (2:58)
    5. Joie de vivre (Book I, son synth) — simple goodness (4:20)
    6. Flight over Water (Book III) — excursion to where? (4:02)
    7. Deep in Thought (Book III) — a pensive, bittersweet moment (2:40)
    8. Pastorale (Book I) — simple beauty of nature (3:11)
    9. Encircling the Moon (Book III) — a flightful fantasy (3:31)
    10. Feiertag (Book V) — a jubilant mood, a celebration! (2:44)
    11. Going Home (Book III) — the nostalgia and yearning of homecoming (2:46)
    12. Waves (on synthesizer; Book III) — wavelets lapping at the shore (3:36)
    13. Fair Youth (Book I) — a wistful homage to youth's beauty (2:02)
    14. Dance of the Dryads (Book V) — flitting through the forest! (5:35)
    15. The Light (Book III) — an exquisite yet ethereal glimpse of pure light (4:40)
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    Export / Import
    Siegfried Koch & Dwight Stone
    Trumpet & Pianoforte
    Export / Import CD
    Export / Import
    1. Hip-Hoppin' — a bouncy, fun piece in a light jazz style
    2. Afternoon Reverie — a serene and moving classical style piece with modern harmonies
    3. Can't Get Her Out of My Mind — derived from the vocal jazz piece I wrote in 2005
    4. Pastorale — a perennially popular instrumental piece
    5. On the Prowl — jazz style
    6. Chorale — not exactly in Bach's style...
    7. Through the Mist — sublime
    8. A Romp in the Park — a light jazzy style
    9. Tribute to Kurt — dedicated to Kurt Bestor, composer, whose music on the album Seasons inspired this piece
    10. Yo! — a musical affirmation; elements of classical composition, and popular melody
    11. Vocalise — classical style, sustained development   excerpt
    12. Celtic Mood — written in the western lowlands of Ireland
    13. Pat — dedicated to Pat Metheny; inpsired by his early piece, still a fave, Travels; featuring Peter Taucher on guitar
    Reveries for Day and Night
    Tim Welvaars & Dwight Stone
    Harmonica & Pianoforte
    Reveries CD
    Reveries for Day and Night
    1. Afternoon Reverie - Dwight Stone
    2. HIp-Hoppin' - Dwight Stone
    3. If Ever You Should Leave.... - Dwight Stone
    4. End-Zone Strut - Dwight Stone
    5. C Major Prélude - Frédéric Chopin
    6. A Major Prélude - Frédéric Chopin
    7. C Minor Prélude - Frédéric Chopin
    8. Ave Maria - Bach/Gounod
    9. Deep White Peace - Dwight Stone
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    Pegasus Piano Music Book I
    Dwight Stone
    Pegasus Piano Music, Book I CD
    Book I
    1. All Green — the soothing quality of color
    2. Bunji — bounces like the cord; light jazz with polychords
    3. Fair Youth — a wistful homage to youth's beauty
    4. Free Fall — fusion in a popular idiom; a curious coda continually modulates in aleatoric directions...
    5. If Ever You Should Leave This excerpt features Tim Welvaars on chromatic harmonica) — bittersweet, yearning... on the Afternoon Reveries CD..
    6. In the Garden — amid flowers and birds
    7. Joie de vivre — simple goodness entire piece
    8. Pastorale — simple beauty of nature. Also available as an instrumental concert piece for trumpet and piano, or flute and piano (see Catalog Index).
    9. Peppermint Party — an energetic, foot-stomping party-starter!
    10. S.Y.N.C. — a great piece by my colleague and band director, Don Wersky
    11. T.G.I.F. — a good-feeling pop piece
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    Pegasus Piano Music Book II
    Dwight Stone
    Pegasus Piano Music, Book II CD
    Book II
    1. The Jounce — a bouncy, light jazz piece with a fun break; polychords
    2. Refourestation
    3. End-Zone Strut — a fun piece of celebration; originally written for the NFL Screensaver ('90s)!
    4. Daffodils & Dragonflies — new age funky uplifting with researched polychordal break
    5. Chorale
    6. A Romp in the Park - just that!
    7. Jolt Cola — funky bass lick; sparkling, sprightly departure
    8. Deep White Peace — smooth, harmonically interesting, nice build
    9. Meditation and Inpsiration--built on the Jewish tropes "k'tana" from the Torah and "merchach' fula" from the Haftorah; interesting non-triadic harmonies; dedicated to Michael Isaacson, composer, Los Angeles.
    10. T'kiah Fanfare (orchestrated excerpt) from the Torah Service for Choir and Brass.
    11. Afternoon Reverie — a sublime, sonorous, relaxing piece
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    Pegasus Piano Music Book III
    Dwight Stone
    Pegasus Piano Music, Book III CD
    Book III
    1. Flight Over Water — excursion to where?, fluid, ethereal, melodious
    2. The Eternal Quest
    3. Let the Good Times Roll
    4. Going Home — the nostalgia and yearning of homecoming
    5. Encircling the Moon — a flightful fantasy
    6. The Light — an exquisite yet ethereal glimpse of pure light. Orchestral excerpt
    7. Lifting Off
    8. La Rosace
    9. Deep in Thought — a pensive, bittersweet moment
    10. Virtual Tinsel — delightful flickering, shimmering textures; for Piano solo, or with Flute.
    11. Tribute to Kurt — written in a lyrical, emotional style.
    12. Waves — wavelets lapping at the shore
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    Pegasus Piano Music Book IV
    Dwight Stone
    Pegasus Piano Music, Book IV CD
    Book IV — Approaching Avalon
    1. Approaching Avalon (excerpt) — mythical, magical city. entire piece
    2. Il Basso - with driving, Stravinskyesque bass obbligato
    3. Traum um Mitternacht - a midnight dreamscape
    4. Brass Sculpture - a powerful, towering piece of art
    5. Cuivré - conceived for French horns, a soaring orchestral sound
    6. April on Chilko Lake (excerpt) — ice crystals and snowflakes afloat in the air, and the occasional glint of sunlight reflected from the ice. entire piece
    7. The Prophecy - an energetic pop song with a cool refrain; originally played with the analog sounds on a Prophet V
    8. Recurring Theme - lilting, melodious, haunting
    9. Rocky — my concept of a fighter's theme
    10. Sommer im Winter - the season which was switched
    11. Sylvesterfeier - a festive celebration
    12. Un jour au printemps - a budding spring day
    13. In the Garden (included from Book I) — amid flowers and birds (1:46)
    14. The Light (included from Book III) — an exquisite yet ethereal glimpse of pure light (4:40)
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    Pegasus Piano Music Book V
    Dwight Stone
    Pegasus Piano Music, Book V CD
    Book V — Aspen in Autumn
    1. Aspen in Autmun
    2. Cloudscape — a daydream, the sun peeking through
    3. Dance of the Dryads — flitting through the forest!
    4. Dolphins' World
    5. Eye on the Prize — creative harmonies, rhythms, and dynamics with a flair of progressive jazz
      score, pp. 1-3
    6. Fantasia on "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel"
    7. Feiertag — a jubilant mood for a festival day
    8. On Diaphanous Wing
    9. Pat (piano solo)
    10. Himmelwärts (piano solo)
    11. Whither Thou Goest — commissioned 2010 for a wedding in Scotland
    Book VI — One Summer's Day
    1. Awaiting the Return, an Improvisation
    2. Bitterroot Fusion
    3. Dojmovi Skradin ("Impressions of Skradin, Croatia") score - pdf
    4. Fantasia on "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" score - pdf
    5. Variations on "In dulci jubilo" — This is a lively arrangement of Good Christian Men, Rejoice! for piano solo, with a dozen fun and interesting variations. score excerpt / score (pdf) / audio
    6. One Summer's Day score - pdf / audio
    7. Variations on "O Tannenbaum" score - pdf
    8. Variations on "We Shall Overcome" (Pete Seeger)
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