Dwight Stone - composer, conductor, pianist

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Dwight Stone

Composer, Conductor, Pianist

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Dwight at MTAC Convention, 2017
Santa Clara 2017, Winning Composer at MTAC Convention

Palisades 2005

Freeborn Hall
Davis, CA 1983

Schloss Murau 2009
Dwight, ready to help Indy...
Napa Valley 2008

Hartberg 2008
Dwight in Window. Escondido
Escondido 2007

Sierra Nevada 2009

Palisades, CA 2000

Cadet 3rd Class Stone, 1971

Mt. Fuji 1994
Dwight on Rock. Escondido
Escondido 2007

Creekside patio

Creekside Restaurant

Bro's Wedding reception

Home in the Palisades 2000

Table Tennis Tournament

Pointillistic portrait
by James Freeman
Walnut Creek