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Stone Student Scholarship

Why the Stone Student Scholarship?

Music has a balance of virtuosity and aesthetic or emotional appeal. In today's accelerated, sound-byte world the aesthetic is frequently slighted, sacrificed to the flash and flair of virtuosity. Where can you look for solid compositions with a balanced emphasis on aesthetic?
The Stonemusique catalog provides an abundance of such pieces with an intrinisic emotional appeal: for piano solo, instrumental duets, ensemble, and for choir.
Play through the refrain of "Whither Thou Goest", or the coda of "The Eternal Quest". Let yourself be immersed in the harmonic adventure of "In the Garden", the yearning melody of "A Voice from Afar", or the exuberant polyrhythms and polychords in "Soliloquy and Dialogue" (euphonium and piano). A trove of appealing, award-winning pieces awaits you, fresh repertoire for the musical palette, a pleasure for your audiences, and a delight to perform!

Dwight Stone

Performances and Prizes